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"After joining in prayer for many novenas & seeing how much they help myself and others I have decided to donate to help spread the novenas throughout the world. Please continue all your blessed work."

- Sandy

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"I wanted to tell you that I have felt a wonderful sense of unity by being a part of this prayerful endeavor... Thank you!"

- Patty

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Note: Pray More Novenas is not a 501c3 non-profit. You will not receive a tax deduction for your donation, but you will help us reach more people with prayer! 


How can you ask for money for prayers?

We see PrayMoreNovenas as something similar to “listener supported radio”. A lot of people benefit, but only a small number of generous people support it. That small number of people support it because it is helpful to them AND because they are so generous that they want it to help others.

We will never force people to pay to use PrayMoreNovenas – and your donation is what makes it so that others around the world can use it free of charge.

Why are you asking for money? Aren’t emails free?

Good question! Regular email is free, but sending emails to tens of thousands of people requires special software that can handle the large number of emails and that can comply with federal laws. This software currently costs us almost $1500/month.

Other costs include:

  • Keeping the Website Running – Monthly Website Hosting fees
  • Making Work – Annual Website Domain fees
  • Keeping the systems up to date – Periodic software/computer maintenance

There are also several other costs required to run the website. As the number of subscribers grow, all these costs grow as well. That’s why we must ask for your support.

Who should NOT give? 

Pray More Novenas is meant to be a blessing to you, not a burden! So, there are some people who should not give at this time.  

  • If you and your family are struggling financially, please do not give. We don't want your gift to contribute to your struggles.
  • If you are in debt or are not employed right now, please do not give. We don't want you to go into more debt supporting this ministry.

If you give and are in one of the above situations and we find out, we will refund your donation. We are serious about being a blessing to you!

If your situation is different from those above, then please do contribute to help us spread the prayers! 

You have so many subscribers! If everyone just gave a few dollars, you’d be rich! Why do you need all that money?

If only that’s how it worked!

However, every subscriber does not give. In fact, only a very small percentage of those who benefit from this service actually give.

Some of our subscribers are struggling financially. Many are in poor countries where credit cards and bank accounts are not common. Others are in countries whose currencies are not accepted by online transaction software. Some simply missed the email that asked them to give.

Although we have many subscribers, we have much fewer givers.

Is PrayMoreNovenas a Non-Profit?

PrayMoreNovenas is not a registered 501c3 non-profit organization at this time. Right now, we have it organized under our business Deddens Media LLC. This is because it would take a lot of time and effort to create a new organization and file for 501c3 status. We would rather spend that time and effort helping people pray!

The main benefit of having 501c3 status is for people who make large gifts to gain a tax benefit. However, we only ask for small donations, so this is not a big concern for most people who donate to us.

Do you receive compensation for all this work? 

We put many hours into running Pray More Novenas and praying for you and other in the community. This started off as a volunteer project and I just paid for expenses out of pocket. However, it has grown so much, that I eventually had to begin asking for financial help to pay for expenses as I mentioned above. Not only did the costs increase, but the demands on our time increased as well. Annie decided to quit her job to work on this ministry full-time a while back and I too now work full-time keeping this ministry running. So, yes we receive compensation after all the expenses are paid. This allows us to continue this service. 

Do you accept PayPal? 

We prefer not to use PayPal for various reasons, but if you really need to use it please click here.

Do you accept my currency?

If you have a credit or debit card, chances are that we accept your currency. 

You can enter the number of US dollars above and the currency conversion will take place automatically in the background so that the appropriate amount of your currency is withdrawn from your card. It's important that you know that conversion rate of your currency to USD. To find this, just search the internet.

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